ADBI Free Online Courses 2022 (ADBI E-Learning)

ADBI Free Online Courses 2022 (ADBI E-Learning)

The Asian Development bank institute offers an exceptional e-learning opportunity called ADBI E-Learning. No matter what educational level or nationality you have, anyone can take advantage of this opportunity. The ADBI courses with free certificates are open to everyone, students, workers, professionals, private service providers, and public servants. The Asia-Pacific Development Class Room at ADBI serves as a virtual classroom where students can learn career development lessons. The E-learning classrooms, designed by world-class educators and trainers, allow participants to learn technical skills which greatly enhance their qualifications for Asia-Pacific Development Jobs and career opportunities. 

The ADBI E-learning courses platform for international participants offers a variety of short courses that are a reflection of advancement and development. The ADBI courses in this area include Renewable Energy, Demographic Transition, and its Impacts, Governing Sustainable Finance, Green Investments, and Private Financing for Infrastructure, Climate Change & Sovereign Risk, and Sustainable Growth. Applicants learn policy making and problem-solving techniques to decrease poverty and inequality through the courses. High-motivated individuals can make a lasting impact in the world through knowledge and skills that can be learned in ADBI E-learning classrooms in Tokyo. 

Since its establishment in 1966, the Asian Development Bank has worked to make Asia-Pacific a prosperous and poverty-free region. ADB provides numerous policy dialogues as well as advising services and mobilizing many financial resources through co-financing different public and private operations to achieve this goal. The ADBI E-learning program enables its participants with hands-on experience from ADB projects. Moreover, they will get exposure to a real-life work environment where they can test their skills by interacting with real issues such as pandemic impacts, gender inequality, and financial constraints in the developing world.

ADBI Free Online Courses 2022 – ADBI E-Learning 

  • Host Institute: Asian Development Bank Institute
  • Access Mode:  Online
  • Available Fields: Multiple
  • Eligible Students: Worldwide
  • Deadline: Open

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List of Asian Development Bank Institute Courses:

  1. Private Financing for Infrastructure and Sustainable Growth
  2. Financial Literacy, & Financial Education Financial Inclusion in Asia
  3. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals on Sanitation & Water  
  4. Financial Inclusion: Evolution and Contemporary Challenges
  5. Digital Economy & Sustainable Growth in Asia
  6. Financial Integration in Southeast Asia
  7. Financial Cycle, Capital Flows, & Financial Globalization
  8. Fostering Growth and Inclusion in Asia’s Cities
  9. Leveraging Services for Development: Prospects and Policies
  10. Energy Economics, Environment, and Policy
  11.  Sustainable Development (Introduction) in Asia and the Pacific

Benefits of the ADBI Free Online Courses 2022:

  • Free online courses provided by ADBI are available to all and at any time
  • The ADBI training courses are tuition-free.
  • Students will have full access to the lectures of leading experts on development topics.
  • Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate from ADBI (Free Verified Certificate).
  • No need for traveling expenses since everything is conducted online

Eligibility Criteria of the ADBI Free Online Courses 2022:

  • The ADBI Courses are open to individuals of all nationalities.
  • All categories of applicants are welcome: students, professionals, NGO workers, public and private sector workers.
  • Age is not a restriction for the ADBI program.
  • The ADBI program does not have any academic restrictions.
  • Applicants to the ADBI program do not need to have work experience.

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How to enroll in ADBI Free Online Courses 2022?

  1. You may apply by visiting
  2. Visit the view courses tab to explore our growing library of content.
  3. You will get access to an online lecture series.
  4. You can choose the course you want from the list.
  5. For enrollment, click on the login button.